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Hi people just joined this forum did not know there would be one for them. i have an 02 carnival which i have had from new as our family car.
Had the usual warrenty woes with the paint on the car from new which kia resprayed for us twice and its still not right but have to live with it.
So far mechanically it has been fine but has only done 20000 km.
I have my own automotive workshop which specializes in Subaru WRX and awd cars which has made me chase more performance out of our bus especially down low.
The first mod i have done is the exhaust collector under the engine is a joke i have modified it and it holds speed on the expressway alot better especially up hills it has improved the economy as well. I think the, problem they have had with the early cars blowing headgaskets so often was the exhaust restriction causing a back up of exhaust gases plus the open deck blocks they use.
My next step will be computor mods and seeing what i can get out of it there as it is now when you put your foot in it goes quite well. I am also doing some suspension work on it by improving the sway bars on it and a more agressive wheel alignment.
I am sydney based so if people are interested in mods let me know and i will keep you all posted with results.

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