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KIA's 2000 Carnival, 2008 Magentis, 2005 Optima
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Been watching the forum for awhile, so I decided to say hi from sunny Australia.
I have owned a Carnival Classic since may 2001 it has done 110,000 trouble free kms, (even the CD player still works) I do all my own maintenance and it has cost no more than the cost of filters, fluids, spark plugs and belts used in regular servicing. The little all alloy V6 gets around 10L/100km although it is relatively underpowered but it is family transport so sports car performance is not something I was looking for.
If you wind it out thru the gears it can be made to get along quite smartly.
Its economical, the leather seats are comfortable and the airconditiong easily deals with plus 38 Celcius days, so I am a convert to the KIA nameplate.
Most importantly the family love it and my wife likes the 3 rows of seats so that squabbling teenagers can be kept apart. ;)
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