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Hey guys, noob here. I got this Sportage really cheap, its only got 100k on it, and seems to run great.

I bought it from a guy that has put all sorts of money into it (engine wiring harness, injectors, computer, plugs, wires, fuel pump and relay, tires, etc.) He took it to a mechanic and they said there was no power going to the fuel pump. I towed it home and noticed that they had rigged a side post battery in there with wood screws so I replaced the terminals and put a proper top post in there, but haven't had any issues starting it over the last 7 days????cranks right up every night and every morning.........maybe it will happen down the line, not sure but if anyone has seen this let me know because I don't see any issues much less know if I should even be looking for a problem.:confused:

So the other thing is the blower motor will not come on. None of the speeds work, all the fuses are good, I haven't really pulled the fan out, checked for power, or anything like that, but I figured you guys may have some insight on that.

Finally (sorry for writing a book) The sunroof track seems to be sitting in the headliner, not attached to anything. What holds that thing up? (screws, clips, glue) I don't want to just rip the headliner out without being prepared.

99 Sportage EX 4x4
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