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Kia Sedona 2011 2.2 manual
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Hi I have a 2005 2.9 CRDI manual Sedona.

I drive about 500 miles a week.

I was driving on a motorway and the engine sort of stuttered (lost power for a fraction of a second) then came back. My engine check light then came on orange. I pulled over and stopped the engine. I couldnt see anything obvious so I started again and the light was out. As soon as I got back to 60 mph my light came back on so I drove slowly home.
The bloke who normally fixes things for me said it sounds like a fuel problem so he changed the fuel and air and oil filters and put a diesel fuel cleaner in.
The problem seemed to get worse. I was now getting the judderring regularly and at all speeds (but not when the engine was cold) I put a second hand MAF on.

So my bloke cleaned out everything breather pipes, air intakes second fuel filter intercooler etc. The car seemed to run ok for a couple of weeks then started again, getting worse. I got him to clean again but to no avail.

So i took it to a bloke to plug in his computer.

He told me the MAF was the problem.

I bought another but it still didnt fix it. So I went and got all the readings off the bloke.

This is what he had.

DTC - Description

0400 - EGR drive permanent low level
- Intermittent
0101 - Air mass flow signal permanent low level
- Intermittent
1140 - Inlet air temperature sensor short circuit to ground
- Intermittent
1120 - Rail pressure control valve IMV parameter in upper limit
- Intermittent
1500 - Vehicle speed signal incoherent value
- Intermittent

I have also now changed the throttle position sensor.
Still no better.

Any ideas what I should do next?

Googling some of these codes give different results to what he put.

Any help please.

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