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2004 Kia Sedona
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Hello, newbie to the forum and to Kia ownership as well! Of course, with questions and problems. :(

We recently (4 days ago) purchased this vehicle from a non-Kia dealer, used of course. Had it inspected and it seemed to be okay. Usual wear and tear problems with future maintenance in the plan (wheel bearing etc). However after having it only a few hours, the speedometer started flicking between 0 and 80 as well as idling rougher than previous test drives had indicated. Then disaster, which I didn't experience as I wasn't in the van at the time. Apparently, while going around a corner at a fairly low speed, it just stopped. The engine shut off and the van stopped dead, no coasting. And to top it off, it wouldn't go into neutral. It did crank however. The dealer's been very helpful with towing it and setting out to repair it and providing a temp car but they don't seem to know what's wrong. And the tow truck driver had no problem putting it into neutral.

Any ideas/thoughts about what could be wrong? If too dire and a sign of things to come, we may have to try and get our money back as we're poor and scraped the $ together just to buy this for someone who is disabled... </sad story> And research seemed to indicate that Kia was one of the better minivans available in our price range so we're highly disappointed...

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any information!

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You got the car BECAUSE someone had some problems with it when they owned it...
I would not be totally disappointed because it sounds like a common problem with earlier KIA vans....
Have the dealer remove the battery and then the battery holder. Have him examine where the negative battery lead connects and have him remove the wire, scrape under it to bare metal. clean the wire terminals and apply silicon grease so that it won't oxidize (corrode) any time soon... Before the weather gets bad check other ground connections also. The headlight grounds are another area that fails due to corrosion.

Try to look at it this way...If it hadn't caused the original owner a problem he probably would be still driving it... and you wouldn't have gotten the price you paid...

You might want to read through the area on your Sedona year and model. We have not archived any posts so there is a good guideline on problems and cures.. and we're here to help.

Older cars do have problems but if you resolve them they can be fine cars...
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