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I bought a sportage 2002 in january this year and since that day i have been having troubles with it. i have ended up changing the shock absorbers, ball joints, pitman arm, the waterbody pump, the ac compressor and what not - even got the sportage re-wired after the main electric cables behind the dash panel burnt while on the highway and i am still having issues but i love my sportage and want to continue driving it!

my biggest concern right now if the steering wheel it has more than an inches play on either side with a sound (like to nuts colliding) every time there is a bump, if i go 60+ kms the car starts fishing on the road and it is very difficult to go in a straight line. my mechanic thinks the steering box needs to be changed but the problem is i can not seem to find one in Pakistan, not even the kia dealership, so i thought would a steering box swap with another car be possible??? preferably some toyota model that could fit??? toyota parts are much easier to find here

second concern the engine here is 1998cc which to me seems underpowered and therefore i am planning to swap the engine with a much more powerful diesel engine. any suggestions???

third concern, whenever i accelerate there his more black smoke than what should be considered normal, i have changed the diesel filter, air filter, oil filters, used STP injector cleaner in a full tank and even tried a quart of ATF in a full tank but no help

i would appreciate any help



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Welcome khurram...
Sounds like your "Sporty" has a few miles on it.
You should enjoy the time spent here as there are many "early" Sportage owners posting here. I wish you could find the correct steering box there. I'm not much help as far as recommendations or modifications. One good thing is that most "generic" diesel engines won't require a lot electrical rewiring to get them to work. The mechanical may be a problem though getting motor mounts to fit and the engine to "bolt up" to the existing transmission...
I wish you luck on your attempts..
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