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Picanto 4 ISG mk II (TA) 2015 1.2 manual
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We’ve just picked up a little 2005 picanto for our daughter’s first car and are tinkering about with the various little issues that a car that age inevitably has. We are scratching our heads over a few of the electrics though. The interior light, a/c, electric mirrors, central locking, rear fog light and electric windows all seem to work intermittently, no apparent consistency. Swapped various relays and inspected fuses (all good), tested battery (good), taken interior light casing off and tested connector (intermittent). I’ve figured out the a/c does work every time if you smack the steering column but reverts to not working if you turn it off (until you smack it again!). We are thinking it may need rewiring ($$$$). Anyone else had anything else like this? What else could we try?
we love the car though, mechanically sound and super cute!
You have probably sorted this by now but if not, have you checked all the earth connections? Are any of them corroded or loose? Is any chafing visible on the cables that pass through the bulkhead? One or more could be damaged/broken giving an intermittent connection. Good luck.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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