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The LCD display went out on my 2006 EX (backlight still worked) CD cassette player and decided it was time to replace it. I was able to successfully remove the unit and opened it up to see if there were any apparent problems (cold solder joint etc); no luck.

Anyway about to purchase a replacement on ebay and was wondering if anybody knew if the infinity 6 disc player would be a direct replacement ?

Also my other question is I wanted to check if there are lockout codes on either the CD cassette player or the 6 disc infinity CD cassette player ? Thanks in advance.

Infinity 6 disc player would be a direct replacement ?

I think it requires /has external amps, and additional speakers. Service Manual wiring diagram, troubleshooting section might shed some light on locations of amps.
(Service manual will most likely NOT tell you about swaps. Asking here on this or any other Kia/Hyundai board will most likely not provide you with the answer you're looking for as most people are going to go with a aftermarket unit once the OEM one dies.
CD players died on both Sedona/Entourages we have. Dealer price of new (probably a refurb) was $647 with tax, installed.

Used route? Do you feel "lucky"? Radio will probably work, but CD player will probably crap out on you in short order.)

Besides the above, dealer, the Hollander Interchange Manual used by junk yards might give some info.

This said- I'd say NO to swapping in a Infinity head-unit unless you get all the amps, speakers, and wiring loom and have alot of time on your hand. I'd think a aftermarket solution would be less headache... plus it would be "new" vs MANY years old.

Lockout Codes= If you trust your dealer /maybe the parts man they might be able to confirm if codes are needed. On other cars I've had partsman will be able to hook you up.

Note that:
You might need the VIN # of the car it came out of, PLUS a signed notarized document from the seller stating item was acquired by legal means.

Alternatively, check the owners and or shop manual and see if it mentions codes being needed. Owners manual may state when battery is disconnected a code needs to be re-entered to restore functionally.

Service manual may reference the radio being tied in with the ECU, a theft module via the can-bus and swapping out radios requires reprogramming at the dealer.

Google "Kia Tech Info" for access to official factory service manual.

PS: As always post back IN DETAIL what you discover.
(Translation, make a post like YOU would like to find on xyz subject.)

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