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Hello there,

I am looking to buy a new kia. I like the Optima and really love it! After a set an appointment with the dealer for a test drive, I met a friend who's driving a 2012 Sorento LX V6. I had a chance to drive his car and push it to the limit. I really liked how it drives. The engine response, the brakes, the transmission shifting... Everything. One thing is: I am not an SUV guy!! That's why I was focusing on the Optima. He mentioned something about the resale value that the optima will lose more of it's value than the Sorento!? and also the Sorento has less problems and better build quality!. What do you think?

Finally, I had an emergency and I missed the appointment with the dealer to test drive the optima. I really love the optima but I am confused now! Some people leave a lot of negative reviews about the optima. More than the sorento!

I'd like to hear from people driving both Sorento and Optima (better EX). Also, I have a turbo phobia (bad experience with VW turbo) so if you can shade some light on the Optima Turbo? The dealer is willing to give me a better deal on 2013 Optima SX than 2012 Optima EX. Don't know why.

I'd really appreciate any reply.

Thank you!
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