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We have a 2012 Sportage EX, with 5K miles on it. It recently started making a strange noise, and the service dept does not know what it is.

When I start the car and begin driving, at the between the first time it shifts from second gear to third gear, there is a noise that is approximately one second long. It sounds kind of like a pump or motor noise and vaguely electronic too. It only happens between those shifts on the first acceleration. After that I can drive all day and not hear it till I stop and park the car a while. Then, it will do it again at the same spot, when I begin driving again. There are no warning lights or other problems driving.

I went in and talked to the shop, and they said they had never heard anything like this. I went in again yesterday, (several weeks later) and they said they did a computer update. They also said they couldn't hear any noise. Of course, the noise is still there...

I searched through the forum and found a couple of posts that sounded similar to mine, but no one had followed up with any conclusions. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?

Thanks for the help.

Kasia Wilson
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