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if you want to tune you're engine... a chip is NOT the way to go.

you have x3 choices... one is expensive... the other is more expensive... and the 3rd is criminally expensive.

choice selection 1.

Start by getting yourself a set of DOCE twin 40's ( carbs ) and a custom intake manifold to fit it to the engine.

after that is on and working, next step is to get yourself a high profile cam ( set of cams? )

this will give you the best performance for the least money.

Choice selection 2.

Get yourself a set of Throttlebodies, with associated engine management system. with intake manifold
Get the engine head ported and polished, with solid lifters and stiffer valve springs to handle higher revs ( say 9-11k rpm )
get some high profile cams
Set of High compression Forged Pistons and rods
Aftermarket oil cooler to handle the now increased revlimit

Choice Selection 3.

Purchase a Suitable turbo ( Garrat T25BB will be fine )
Get a custom exhaust manifold fabricated
mount turbo + custom downpipe
install intercooler + pipework. and modyfy intake manifold if required.
Purchase Enginemanagement system ( omex be fine )
Low Comp Forged pistons and rods
Ported polished and flowed head with solid lifters and stiffer springs
Oil cooler
motorsport custom Radiator
custom morotsport driveshafts
Quaiffe LSD

could go on all day.

but basically. a chip wont do anything. to get real results, you have to spend real money.

probbably be cheaper with better results by buying a more powerful car in the 1st place.
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