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Originally posted by wannakia@Mar 27 2005, 10:16 PM
Those are Kyrwo Rims from Taiwan,

rim are 15 inchs, tyre are 195/45R15... got them in SGP, a shop in AMK called POH HENG....
HI Wannakia, im also a pica owner from SGP and i also changed my rims at Poh Heng. I tink the after sales service sucks..anw i see you changed your tyres to 195/45/15. mine too and i find the gap between the body and the wheels still very wide(4 fingers spacing <_<) you tink its possible to narrow the gap by changing to 195/50/15? or 175/50/15? according to Justin(Poh Heng), he says changing it to 195/50/15 will cause the car not to b able to make a full turn..i m really not comfortable with the big gap between the body and the wheel and i just wana narrow it at all costs(apart from lowering the car), even if i have to cut its width to 185 or 175?.. can help? or any1 for that matter.. many many thanks! :thumbsup:
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