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New member here. Have a 2004 Sorento LX for the past 6 months, been in the shop now on its 4th time. Seems to have "something" wrong with gearbox/transmission, but nobody knows how to fix it (computer doesn't "read" anything wrong with it). I'm sorry, but idling at 2400 rpms and going up to 5,000 rpms when simply accelerating (not even "gunning" it) is a little obscene! It has averaged 18L/100kms (or 13.1 mpg or 15.7 imperial mpg). They have now had it for a week, saying they have not found anything wrong with it. They made 1 silly mistake though, they just gave me a 2003 Sorento EX "loaner", since it is taking them longer than they thought. My rpms are almost double of what this one drives!
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