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2004 Kia Picanto
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Originally posted by ktobrien@Jan 25 2005, 10:30 PM
I've joined the forum to hear from Picasso owners about the good, bad and ugly review about the car. I've owned a Carens 1.8 petrol EX for the past two years and only complaint was the fact that the rev. counter never worked from day one - apart from that a great car, but heavy on the juice (I live in Ireland where the petrol is 1 euro (nearly a dollar) for a litre. So, I'm going for the top of the range Picasso - any advice?
Ehh.. Picasso.. Do you mean a Kia Picanto, or a Citroen Picasso.. ?
Or is the little Kia called Picasso in Ireland ?

A little confused here.. :)

Anyways.. The Kia Picanto (as it's called here in DK) seems to be a nice thing.
As you can see in the other treads in the is forum, the car is all in all ok.
Small trouble here and there as with every other car.
Fuel consumption is low, but not as low as Kia promises, unless you really do something about driving economical.

Go through the threads, and you will learn much more..
Enjoy ;)
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