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Hello there, I came across this forum and wanted to say hi. I have been around a lot of different vehicles and forums, and I hope this is as good as the initial impression gave me.
We have been so impressed with the quality of our Sorento, that is has convinced us to purchase another Kia in the Spec5. I was leary of Kia at first especially with a new model when we purchased the Sorento, but 2+ years later and a lot of miles have proven my trepidation incorrect.

BTW, here is about the only pic we have of it...

This is ice racing up in Georgetown, CO, which occurs every year in Jan and Feb. This was the first year we had the Sorento and it was ~6 weeks old then. Nothing like taking a $28k vehicle out onto the middle of a frozen lake and racing it around... :D
Ice racing rocked with the TOD... tried it in 4 lo and I liked the TOD response better...
The Sorento is by FAR the best vehicle I have ever owned in snow conditions. 2 years ago last weekend, we had a blizzard with 3+ feet of snow and my wife drove home in 18-24" of the stuff, and had NO issues whatsoever.
AWESOME rig, very dependable, with very little issue (had a power steering pump fail early on, and minor things like an engine starting malfunction).

The latest addition is the 2005 Spectra5, Spark Blue with Sunroof, ABS, Cruise, and mats (all options except auto tranny)... that is a FUN car to drive, have been very happy with that.
no pics yet, but this is the same color and looks just like it...

The reason it was added was I was beating up my Amigo in daily driver duties... 33" MT/Rs are not cheap and running them 20-25k/year was chewing up tires too quickly. Not to mention all the routine and scheduled maintenance... it adds up quick on a beast like that (~10" lift) so it has been retired to trail rig status.

These are the latest trip out to Moab in November on the Golden Crack obstacle on the Golden Spike trail.

Good day to ya, and hopefully I will be seeing you around.

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welcome to the site!

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