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Wow! You got both lights on for your Kia Sedona 2002 in 2004 ?

I just got mine 5 years later with 70,000 miles because I often underused the battery...

However, mine is now out of warranty, 5 year and 60,000 miles; otherwise, I could have replaced a new alternator.

Still, if you call any garage, you would be told that alternator would NOT need replacement that quick. Last time I finally got new alternator for my Toyota Corolla 1990 Wagon was last year at 160,000 miles.

I am just guessing that you were "driving slow traffic" in "high temperature" with "A/C on" to cause "overheat of the battery" that your alternator temperarily NOT working. However, I saw your posting date is "November" ???? unlike mine got hit in early hot August.

When both "brake" and "battery" lights are ON just mean "alternator is NOT charging". As long as your battery has enough electricity, the van can still drive normally.

A safe way to do is get a "two stage" charger, very cheap, and charge up the battery until you got your appointment.

A double secure measure would be to get a $53 "portbale charger" and put in trunk. That's what roadside service will bring to resecue when you call Kia 800 number on the driver side window should your van die on the road.

Typical portable charger could jump start 10 to 30 times, so even if your van die more than once, you will still be able to make home, I guess, and use "two stage charger" to charge up your battery, then you will be good for many days.

The portable charger also need to charge up, like every 3 or 4 months, but once used, you may want to charge it up.

The portable charger I got can also "inflate" tires, so it will also save you should you got flat tire on the road. I had an experience on flat tire when visit FL, and I was able to make it home by inflate the tire every couple hours of driving with foot peddle inflator, but with "portable charger", it is no sweat.

It also can help others who died on the road could not start the car or with flat tire. You would resecue them with no sweat like a hero. No jump cable needed also; that is to say, even when car could not start while parked in a hard to reach spot with short jump cable. Portable Charger is a MUST, as far as I see.
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