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2019 KIA Sedona LX?
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Hi All,

I recently bought a 2019 KIA Sedona that was supposed to be an EX trim. We previously had the 2016 EX and loved it. However, after purchasing I noticed the 2019 EX didn't have many of the standard features of the '16 model. After doing a VIN search online I found some reports that show this vehicle as an LX model (which would be more in line with the features now that I think about it) However, the dealership says the report straight from KIA lists it as an EX. I'd like to believe them but I know that report could be manually changed.

My question is, does anyone have the VIN codes for the Sedona? I've searched online and this forum but haven't found anything. Secondly, anyway for me to verify the VIN directly with KIA?

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