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Carens MK1 2000
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Last night I moved the selector from “windscreen” to “feet” (from full clockwise to fully anti clockwise), intending to move it to “feet and face” as the screen had finished demisting, but over shot. When I tried to move it back (turn it clockwise) it would not move as normal. When moving it there was a lot of resistance and it would not go very far, when I let go of the control it sprang back to the feet position. I have had an initial look tonight (buy torch light) and I can’t see anything that looks broken or out of place.

The selector appears to fully mechanical, a stiffened cable appear to run from the selector to a large plastic “wheel” on the driver’s side of the heater unit with some additional actuators and a push rod. When turning the “wheel” at the same time as moving the selector it moves correctly and can be set to any position.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing the problem.

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