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Does anyone know of a simple one-step way to switch from the initial screen (picture 1) to the detailed screen (picture 2). I've found that if you touch the circled area of the screen (picture 1) it usually (not always) will switch screens, and sometimes the touch spot location seems to have moved. If I could, I would make the detailed screen the default, as you get little info from the initial screen. Since my wife sincerely believes that the performance of a touch screen improves with harsh, machine-gun tapping, I need an answer ASAP.
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Sorry Skip, I think that's just how strange the UI is. There is also the "RADIO" button you could press instead of using the touchscreen which should always return the result you're looking for. And I pray for your touch screen after that type of abuse 🤣.

I've noticed other strange occurrences throughout the UI of the dash (non-digital display) where I'll leave it on the distance follow screen and it will usually open to the same screen next time I start the car, but sometimes it changes to tire pressure or another screen on its' own. Drives me crazy.
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