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Hello everyone,

I have searched here and other KIA forums and have not found any aftermarket stereo installations.

I am a bit stuck with the wiring -- I'm using an iDatalink Maestro Rr with a Kenwood DDX9702S. I have most of the wiring ready and tagged but have not installed it because there are a few connections that I'm a bit confused on what to do.

On connector A from the stock head unit, cables corresponding to Speed (position 1) and R_INH (position 5, rehostat) have been a bit challenging.

The Speed cable seems to be routed to the "Cruise Control System" (according to the wiring diagrammes), however, the cruise control diagramme does not show such connection coming from the radio harness.

Same thing with the R_INH; it says, on the wiring diagrammes, that is continues on to the "Exterior Lights System" but the diagramme does not show any direct connection.

The other connectors, B, C1, C2 and C3, are pretty straightforward and I've figured out the wiring connections for the Kenwood unit and the Maestro Rr cables.

See image with my notes.

The "monkey wrench" here, too, is that I have changed the right hand steering wheel control to the European version, which includes the phone buttons (pick up/hang up/voice) as well as the cruise control. The cruise control set works perfectly fine -- I have not tried the phone controls because those are to be used with the new Kenwood unit.

If anyone has an idea on the Speed (position 1) and R_INH (position 5, rehostat), please feel free to chime in.



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