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Sorento Ex 2013
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Hey everyone,
Always had a super rough ride with my 2013 Sorento Ex.
Shocks broke and had a bouncy front end so I replaced them, no improvement in ride comfort but fixed the bounce.
The OEM Kumho Solus were always on, and was thinking about finally getting rid of the car because of him rough it was but decided to try and find a much better tire to see if it would help. Saw a deal on the Goodyear Comforttreds but the tire shops were clearing them out since they just got discontinued. Hopped on the Goodyear website and found the upgraded COMFORTDRIVE tires and how they were 20% more cushion on the ride. Wow, they changed the whole ride, sound,and feel of the car. The cabin doesn’t shake all over the place anymore and the whole ride is more stable. Wish I changed the old tires out a long time ago.

Quick overview if you want to take a look.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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