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seats are easy since all it is bolt removal. the center console has the srews toward the center console and i think a few in the center arm rest. the back seat just pops out with a little persuasion. your going to have to also remove the dummy foot rest up by the brake/clutch. now that you have a bare bottom it depends on how far you want to go from there.

the doors...

first you need a small flathead or the end of a clothes hanger will work to remove the pin that holds the window crank handle. the oin looks like a greek omega sign. then theres screws under the door paneling, on the locking side, and in the inside door handle theres a tab that needs to be removed to get to another screw. when pulling the panel off be sure to be careful of the weather strip that the window runs against. this goes for the rear doors also.

from memory i think thats it.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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