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Ive only had my Ceed SR-7 1.4 Petrol about a month and half and the stereo has gone i think. Im getting the beep sound - the steering wheel controls are working intermittently and the head unit (dashboard) controls stop working then start again for a while then stop again!! ;(

From what ive read on here its a common problem with these stereos.

I bought the car off a dealer (Evan Halshaw in Sheffield) on the 18th March.

It came with a 3 months warranty from them but ive had a look in the paper work and its says this doesn't cover any audio equipment ;(

Im pretty pissed off as since i have had it its already been back for noisy brakes too. Im booked in next wednesday (the 8th) for the service department to have a look but im almost sure they are going to try to wriggle out or replacing the head unit as they are over 700 quid ive heard.

As the car has this warranty with the dealers i got it from does anyone think if i dig my heels in then i may get them to replace it? Ive just paid 5k for a car and im guessing this problem may have been there a while so the previous owner could have traded it in because of it ;( Its a pretty big thing to go wrong with a car ive had off them over a month.

Im devestaed, i had my little Toyota Yaris 6 years and changed 2 tyres in all that time ;(
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