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hey, i herd about this forum a couple days ago. it seems alright, pretty brightly colored, but thats tolerable with some sunglasses, lol. i have an 03 kia rio that im "redoing", an 88 ford bronco, and an 86 ford escourt.
the rio, i stripped down the interior and am in the process of fabracating all new pieces.. trip, door panels, dash, ect... iv also done a bunch of other things so far to the car. iv put 30,000 miles on it so far, havnt had any problems yet.

the bronco im dropping the insurance on it and giving it to my dad for a winter car. ill see it again next year, lol.

the escourt, i just got today. lol its a true beater. id go out side and **** on it to make it look better, to much effort though. picked it up for $100. seems to run fine, needs a starter and e brake doesnt work. after that, if the state lets me drive it, ill let the rio sit so i dont have to keep putting a steering wheel and seats in when i need to go somewhere and ill have something to throw stuff in, and just do what ever would prolly damage the car, lol.

bleh, with a 34" monitor this site is like staring at a light bulb.
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