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Hi Guys!

PLease let me introduce myself.

Im NIcolas from Iquique Chile.

I just bought a direct imported from Korea Domestic Market a 2.0 Sorento R 2013 diesel.

Wonderfull machine!, 2.0 powerfull 180 hp diesel engine.

Average consumption about 16 km/l

Panoramic Sunroof
Led tailights
3rd row seat
19 Inch alloy wheels
inavi nav system (KDM)

My lcd dash is in korean, also the nav system either the voice commands!!!!! thats anoying. jjejejeje well that was knew from the begining, but i did hit the trigger anyways because the incredible Price. (23.000 usd 3000 kms)

Well lets see how i adapt that korean designed system to my Spanish/english requirements

Best regards


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Wecome and buenos dias..
New KIA owners are always welcome here...
A Korean speaking car in a Spanish speaking country...You must get some unusual comments.
We don't get too many people here from South America. Probably because of the English posting requirements.. One of my good friends here is JesZek and he lives in Central America (Honduras) and has a "FrankenKIA" (like Frankenstein) assembled from different pieces.
Please bring some of your country here within your posts..We all need to learn to get along with each other on this little planet called Earth..
Hope you enjoy your new "toy"...
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