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I know there are not many places one can buy Kia parts for decent prices (and we KNOW the Kia Dealerships RAPE Kia owners on parts pricing), so I just wanted to pass this along to you folks who do your own work and look for great deals on parts & pricing.

I used to own a 95 BMW M3 and used this site EXTENSIVELY for my parts purchases because the vendor has the absolute best pricing for all import/euro vehicles - and the parts usually arrive to my door within 3 days of ordering.

When my fiance's 2001 Sportage's Master Cylinder crapped out 2 weeks ago - I went online searching and searching and searching for the best prices for a new MC... I went to the KiaParts site that everyone recommends here... I went to all of the common Auto Parts sites such as PepBoys, Advance Auto, NAPA, AutoZone, and even hit up some other online sites such as Rock Auto and other offbeat sites offering auto parts (or Kia specific parts) - and each site had some crazy pricing for a non-4x4 Kia Sportage MC...

So, I then went into my "Favorites" and remembered the site below - I went on there, searched for the year/make/model I needed and BINGO - found the exact part WAY cheaper than ANY other online site or local store.

Here is my savings passed along to you folks:
Zygmunt Motors:

Needless to say, I picked up a complete 2001 non-4x4 Sportage MC for only $53 after shipping (Actual part price was ONLY $45.43!!)!! Many of the other sites & stores I researched wanted in excess of $60+ for the same part - some wanted as high as $150+!

go there, pick your year/make/model and search the catalog for whatever you need...

The vendor is very well know on bimmerforums (of which I am a member) and I know tons of folks who have purchased from him with never an issue, including myself who has purchased numerous parts over the years.

Hopefully that is helpful to someone on here - because if you are like me and own multiple vehicles, are a "hobbyist" and do your own repair work, upgrades, mods, maintenance work, etc - you want the best prices.... I have owned 17 Mustangs to date (including my current 94 Cobra), a Land Cruiser, a Jeep Wrangler, A 70 Caddy Coupe DeVille, an 87 Bronco, my current 94 Bronco, the 95 M3 and have done everything from removing/installing engines, R/R transmissions, to complete tear downs/gut outs, modifications, upgrades, maintenance, etc - so I'm what I guess you would call an "experienced back yard/driveway mechanic"... :cool:

Enjoy fellas - and like I said, hopefully some of you can benefit from the link, as it seems finding good prices on ANY Kia parts is a rarity.

:) :beer: :57:

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