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Almost 100% guaranteed cheaper car insurance than your existing one if you are intending to renew soon.
Just email the following information below to [email protected] and you will get your quotation within 2 days.

Trust me,you will not be disappointed!I have saved several hundreds of dollars for many happy customers before.You could well be the next one!

2)Date of Birth
6)Mainly Indoor or outdoor occupation
7)Pass date of driving license
8)Any No Claim Discount (NCD)
9)Any accident or claim in the last 3 years(If yes,please elaborate on the cause of it and the total amount claimed for yourself and 3rd party and from which insurer)
10)Year of registration and manufacturing of car
11)Car Make and model
13)How many seats
14)Date of expiry of insurance
15)Insurer you are going to buy from now
16)Renewal premium amount and excess so that I can try to see if I can find something better
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