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2018 Sorento EX w/tech Sangria & stone beige
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Since I am always looking to learn about the latest cars, technology and experiences, this site is full of those things and has my interest. I started with my new Kia Sorento Dec 29 2017. I wanted to purchase, but was talked into leasing for some great incentives. I saved like 3k with the option to buy lease for two years. Paid the balance last December 2019 and now own it.

Kia Sangria is a really good car and fits my needs. I have not yet taken it for a long trip but would like to when this pandemic is over. I have added mud flaps, trunk liner, (maxliner) and class III hitch for my bikes that I installed myself. Just a couple of days ago I had to replace the original battery with a Start Up brand. We'll see how that goes because it's supposed to be 117 degrees today here in the San Fernando Valley, CA. Just replaced the wipers with hook style blades I got online for less than $10. They are a set of 16 and 26 inch blades. Easier to put on than was to remove the old conventional factory blades. What I've found was wiper rubber is supposed to only last like 6 months, so "Premium" replacements are not worth the money. But if you must . . .

I hope I can continue to learn and share here because it looks like a fine place to be.
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