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Long story short.

I got my first own Elantra on Sep-22-2011.
It was 2004 with 66k miles. M/T. Color as you can see below.

I liked it a lot. Fun to drive, no ABS, no ESC - pure wild car.
Unfortunately, our story was interrupted rather suddenly on Sep-26-2012. That means I had a chance to pay it off a month before that, and I've ad this car for a year and 4 days...

35 MPH, head on collision with 2002-2004 Dodge Caravan whose driver did not make sure she could make a left turn. So she hit the gas and... I hit her. She pretty much jumped about 2 meters in front of me.

Elantra was a total loss. Engine, tranny - all moved. ECU, fuse box - all damaged. Even battery was cracked open.
Oh, the windshield - nope, I had belts. It was my hand arm ejected by the airbag.

The good thing I was alone in the car.

A few weeks ago I got another Elantra. This time 2009. Everything else same (2.0 I4, 5 spd M/T), but the color. Pearl black.
Still under warranty as she has only 27k miles. Drives better than 2004. The engine seems to be more peppy. More low torque. And more efficient - fuel cut off really works here.

So, welcome HD.


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I don't see why it was totaled. A little bondo, a little paint and it is as good as new. ;) ;)

Glad your ok.

I had a Bronco II turn in front of me and when I hit it, it turned on its side. It is a rude awakening.
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