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Noticed the brake pedal depress an unusual degree about 2 weeks ago, since then this sensation has been coming up thru the car when Stopping. Its not getting any worse and makes No noise.

Taking the car to KIA dealership where we bought the car in an hour. I did talk to Midas as Iam leaning towards its a brake issue and I described it to the Midas man and he came back and said since its not making any noise at breaking it could be a tie rod, CV joint and Not brakes.
So, anyone else had this experience or have an idea what it could be?
Ill compare notes when I get back from the shop and update you.

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Hi forgottenvet...
It would help us greatly to know What year car, what model car, the mileage on the car, your general location, any work done recently on the car...etc...
The site's crystal ball is not functioning properly today :)
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