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Sounds like you can leave the motor in, but it's not easy:

"1. Remove the battery and the tray assembly.
2. Remove the engine wiring and the transaxle wiring.
3. Remove the air cleaner (air duct, hose) assembly.
4. Disconnect the shift cable from the transaxle.
5. Disconnect the cooler hose from the transaxle.
6. Remove the radiator and the hose (drain coolant).
7. Disconnect the heater hose.
8. Disconnect the power steering column and the gear box universal joint.
9. Remove the power steering oil pressure and return the tube from the gear box.
Collect dropping oil with a container when disconnecting tube.
10. Remove the engine upper roll stopper and the bracket.
11. Lift vehicle and remove wheels.
12. Remove the oxygen sensor connector and the front muffler.
13. Drain the transaxle fluid.
14. Remove the tie rod, lower arm ball joint, and the drive shaft.
15. Remove the steering tube mounting bolt attached to the cross member (subframe).
16. Install the cross member removal jack.
17. Remove the cross member mounting bolt, and remove the cross member assembly with the steering gear
box and the stabilizer attached.
18. Remove the start motor assembly.
19. Remove the transaxle housing cover.
20. Install the transaxle removal jack.
21. Remove the drive plate and the torque converter connecting bolt, turning the crankcase shaft.
22. Remove the transaxle support bolt.
23. Remove the transaxle.
1. Installation is reverse order of removal.
2. Add coolant, power-steering oil, and transaxle fluid correctly after installation.
3. Ensure good mounting and no interference in wiring."
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