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2003 KIA Spectra GSX
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This problem is really weird. Tried searching a bit but didn't even really know what to search for. :p

Okay, so the problem is this.... The gear indicator on the dash is dim when I'm in N, D, 2 or 1. The lights are nice and bright when it is in P or R. But whenever I shift into any of the other gears, it will be dim as if I had the taillights or headlights on (when they are dimmed for the nighttime).

There are also a couple kickers. When I'm in any of the dimmed gears, if I turn the headlight switch to turn on the tail lights and then turn them back off again, for a SPLIT SECOND the D or whatever light will flash to full brightness and then return to being dim.

The flashing to normal brightness also happens when I shift between the dimmed gears. So if I go from N to D, D will flash to normal brightness for a split second and then go back to dim again.

Finally, the dimming also affects the brightness of three buttons that control the A/C, recirculate and half recirculate. However, the clock brightness is not affected at all.

So I'm at a total loss at where to even start to diagnose this problem.

Any help or ideas for brainstorming are welcome! Post away! Thanks in advance. :D
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