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2007 Kia Rondo 6 cylinder
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A rather confusing problem with my Kia Rondo 2007, V6 EX. 43,100 MILES. I live in Rockford,IL.

At times, more like once a week or so, not every time, when I go to start the engine, it either starts and revs up immediately to over 3 rpms then calms down to normal quickly, or it will be hard to start, needs a couple of tries to crank then it starts. Both ways, when started, there is a smell of gasoline, which then goes away after about a minute. This happens at any type of temperature, rain or shine, short or long trips. Other than that, car drives fine, no performance issue, not even going up hills and down.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. If it has something to do with gas, is there a gas cleaner I can buy? I always use unleaded 87, always according to the manual.

Thanks again to all
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