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Today I paid $10 US for 3 gallons of gasoline. the price jumped 15 cents OVERNIGHT! :eek: :eek:

Right now average here is bout $3.05 for 87 octane.

How is everyone else doin? :auto:

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Well, it's climbing here too! (florida)...

I put a little something for thought here for everybody and hope it helps a little. I've posted it also on another Amanti forum, so sorry if you see it twice!

Hi all!

With the current bad world fuel situation and Amanti's mediocre fuel consumption, I thought it might be good idea to re-look at our onboard computer (for those that have this option) and how it can help us save fuel. I think it is fair to say everyone knows about the temperature display. But, how many of us use some of the other neat features? I have used only a few so far, and the computer instructions that came with my car were not that thorough and clear so I never knew what some of these functions meant or even use properly. After living with the car for awhile though, I think I've figured out what they're all about. So, I'm hopeful that I might help some of the other owners who also have not used their onboard computer as efficiently as perhaps they could have.

Here are some of my following observations:

Temp) Let's start with the outside temperature. I think this is self explanatory, although I might mention for those that might not know it, that it can display C° and F°. Press and hold the "reset" button until it changes.

Range) The next feature is the estimated mileage range based on the average fuel consumption and the amount of fuel in your tank. When it drops to 30 miles it will no longer indicate and you better get some fuel soon!

Trip) The next feature is a trip odometer. If you want to use this one instead of the two available on your instrument cluster, you can. Don't forget to re-set it at the beginning of your trip.

Avg MPH) Average MPH is next and indicates you average MPH. I'm assuming that is accumulative and does not reset itself whenever you re-start the engine.

Avg MPG) Now comes the feature I really like and use now to improve my mileage . When this is activated and reset to zero, it will start to inform you of your average MPG. You will see how by maintaining a steady speed your mileage climbs. For example, I achieved 20.0 average mpg and then just waiting at a red light for about a minute, it dropped to 19.6. Driving habits might improve if you keep an eye on these numbers.

Inst MPG) The next feature is instant mpg which is cool but not as helpful as average as it goes all over the place based on instantaneous driving. It will give you an idea as to what your instant driving habits add to your fuel consumption, though.

Timer) The last feature is a timer that starts timing when you reset it. I guess this elapses the driving time on a given trip. I used it when I ordered food and it was to be ready in 25 minutes.

I'm just starting to focus on this cool computer and learning about this as I go along, so if anybody else has further information that I may have missed, screwed up or just has some more insight, that would be helpful.

Thanks!, Pete
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