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Hello Guys,

This is heavily dependent on your engine design. There are 3 basic design types for fuel injection: Throttle Body, Port, and Direct. Throttle body injectors use one or two large nozzles mounted near the throttle butterfly at the engine's primary air intake point. Port injectors use individual nozzles, one for each cylinder. They are mounted in the intake manifold where the ports meet the valves in the cylinder head. Direct injection places the individual injectors directly inside the combustion chambers, mounting them in holes in the cylinder head. a fuel injector is an electronically controlled fuel releser the fires a small mist of fuel into the air manifold just prior to entering the combustion chamber, a proper fuel to air ratio is 14 parts air to 1 part fuel and this is monitored by the car's computer from a numerous amount of sensors.

Thanks and Regards
George Brown
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