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Originally posted by searle@Feb 28 2005, 06:37 AM
I have a 54 reg diesel sorento, I have just noticed the fuel guage does not return to zero when the ignition is switched off, this has either just happend or I have been really lazy since I bought it 5 months ago and have not looked properly!
Can anyone tell me if it is normal for the guage to stay at it's level after ignition is switched off? Thanks Mike.
I also have an 04 diesel XS and my guage definitely goes to zero with the ignition off. What I have found is that the guge may, when starting up, show lower than when I turned the ignition off previously. I take this to mean that the guage doesn't accurately drop while driving, as a precaution I never let the guage show less than a quarter in case it is masking a lowere diesel level.
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