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Hi Folks, We have a six month old Sportage XS petrol in black with running boards and blacked out windows, it looks so cool. People mistake it for the BMW X5 ! Our only concern is that we only get 20.8 mpg at the max 21mpg, even when towing it only goes down to 20.6 mpg. It is proving to be a bit of a gas guzzler, anyone else find this or are we doing something silly ?

Also we had the dealer fit a Kia tow bar, the bit that the tow ball is bolted to angles down the way, which means our caravan is very low at the front, is it possible that this could have been fitted upside down ?

Both these minor items asside, we love the car and the looks we get whilst driving around. We are known locally as the caravan club mafia !
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