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I received the wrong flange from Shark Racing while ordering my BOV for the '21 2.5T Sorento. They replaced it for free, great, but now I have this other flange that I'm sure someone wouldn't mind having. Build your own BOV šŸ¤£. In all seriousness, they only deal in Kia/Hy/Gen so it's for a smaller breather than the 2.5T, based on the outlet. It's a common size outlet for most BOV companies and I'll include the snap & O rings as well.

It would be AWESOME if someone with a 1.6T, that has done a BOV, could chime in and verify that this is a 1.6T flange. Below is a picture of the "wrong" flange next to my 2.5T diverter valve assembly. (BTW; it really killed me after getting this apart to know it was wrong).

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