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Hi Pple,
I have recently used a product by Liqui Moly, its called the Fuel Injection Cleaner and the Valve Cleaner.It has instant effect. I would like to introduce it to all car lovers. It helps to restored your performance, smoothness and fuel consumption. In spore, we used to send own car to the workshop to do a top overhaul, which cost hundreds of dollar. Becos they will take out all ur valve to clean it one by one. With new technology by Liqui Moly, we have no more worries.

When the cleaner is injected from the petrol tank to the engine. It clear up all the clogs and carbon. By reducing the amount of carbon, it mean increasing fuel efficiency.

Anyone interested in this product. Pls PM me or call me at 97969003

$28 -Injection Cleaner
$25 -Valve Cleaner

If the club would like me to do a demo. We can make arrangement try it on a persons car for free.


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