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Hi got a small issue I noticed with my 2005 Picanto.

On the drivers side I can fit two fingers at the rear of the tyre before it hits the body sill.

However the passenger side front is far closer I am lucky if I can get one and a half and its very close to the wheel arch/sill on some turns.

I took it to my dealer and they had it up on the ramp and said not to worry. However it went into the dealer for work on Friday and a swear it wasn't like that before as I notice things on my car.

Question is could it just be a bent lower arm that's causing the wheel to sit closer to the sill of the car or is it something more expensive.

Can anybody shed any light on it?, also how easy a job is it to change one as no workshop Manuel is about from what I can see.

Any help or ideas would be great.
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