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Afternoon all hope someone can help me sort my problem out, you all seem to be pretty well clued up on here so here goes. Sedona 54 plate which i think is a fantastic vehicle, im either lucky or some of you have had bad luck with your own sedona's cos at the moment it is running there i've probably just jinxed myself, anyhow i have fitted a set of front fog lights and purchased a kia front fog light switch which is now fitted and plugged into original loom and works fine, thing is i want to wire the lights into the loom also but can't find where they would normally plug in. I have found a free connector behind the top of the radiator but it isnt live when i switch the fog lights on. Checked the norm power at fuse and relay clicks but just cant find the plug that the lights connect to, so antone with front fogs on your sedona trace it for me and let me know......or if anyone can help with a wiring diagram that also would be great. Cheers. Stevie
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