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I have a 5sp manual transmission 2000 Sportage - 42K miles - great shape, all in all.

Upon acceleration, you can hear something "spinning" under the Front Right (passenger) side of the car. When you deccelerate (as in coming from a stop) either by down-shifting, neutral, or just holding the brake, you can hear it slowing down. When almost at a complete stop, you can hear "it" -- "thud" or "click hard" -- into place, as though it has finished spinning.

Sometimes you can feel it though the gear shift and sometimes not. When cold, it takes longer to start the spinning. The spinning noise is getting louder as time goes on with usage.

I was told to check the manual transmission fluid, but no one here will do it because the car needs to go on a lift. I've had two mechanic friends look at it. One says he thinks the transmission fluid needs changing or the transmission is bad. The other says that he checked to see if all was solid and mechanically sound. He says there is nothing "loose". He wanted me to see if the sportage was known for having the bumper rubbing up against things?

Lastly, forgot to mention that when the car was given to me, the exhaust pipe had fallen down. Broken before the muffler. I still haven't gotten the money together to get this fixed -- soon. Could the problems be related?

[/B]Thanks so much for the help! I can't tell you how much my family needs the help...
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