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Here's a free item if you can use it. It's a set of new, (4pcs) 2011-14 Kia Sorento Sun/Rain Guard Wind Deflector Vent Shades. I ordered these by mistake and you can have them by either picking them up or paying for the shipping. I bought this on Ebay, and here's the original link. 4pcs Fit 11 14 Kia Sorento Sun Rain Guard Wind Deflector Vent Shade Window Visor | eBay

They look to be high quality pieces. Shipping (USPS) will be around $12, but that will change based on your location. If you're in the Raleigh, NC, area, you can come by and they're yours.

I posted these on the Sorento Forum but it got rejected because I didn't have enough posts. If that happens here, they're going in the trash. :(

First to reply here gets them.

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