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2018 Kia Rio LX Hatch (5 Dr)
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Joined the forum to share my experience:

Great car, would highly recommend to those looking for a budget car that is still fun.

I had an issue with fuel mixture / cat converter codes being thrown, such as P0450 and similar.

Especially if you notice one cylinder misfiring - get the fuel injectors checked by Kia.

My 2018 Rio has only had one problem so far, which was a faulty fuel injector in cylinder 3. At first I suspected air leak, spark plugs, 02 sensor, etc, but Kia found the problem.

I suspect some people on the forum may be having the same issue so I wanted to share my experience. I also suspect that some cars that have been sitting on cold Canadian dealership lots are probably running only a few short cold cycles on/off to move the cars around every few months. This may contribute to a gummed up injector, due to water condensation and lack of full run time on the engine, even on a brand new car.

If you have any thoughts pitch in!

nice to meet y’all

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