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I've been doing a fair bit of reading about just how much space there is if you remove the plastic spacer that is riveted onto the door.

I believe someone said the mounting diameter was about 7.75".

Does anyone think an 8" coaxials will fit?


Focal 210CA
Lanzar VX830
DLS 428

I had some DLS speakers on my BMW135i and they were awesome. Not very good for bass, but BMW uses 4" door speakers, so these should be much better.

Reviews on the Lanzar is pretty good and they are dirt cheap.

I hate knowing there is a nearly 8" hold in the door only to snake it down to a 6.5" speaker.

I think all of these will need an amp, but I plan on rectifying that with an Alpine KTP445U which will give them a solid 45wpc (RMS).
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