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2021 Sorento S 2.5 GDI
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When I took delivery of my 2021 Sorento S in December 2020 I drove it for a week. There was no air from the vents but the dealer said that was because it was winter and the climate control automatically diverted air to under the seats with the demand for heat. The car was cold and the defroster did not work. Meanwhile I could hear the blower working furiously. I had to go back to the dealer to drop off some paperwork and I complained about the lack of heat. They sent a technician out and he immediatly opened the glovebox. There was a tag that read "remove on delivery" attached to a ribbon behind the glove box. He dropped the glove box and pulled the cabin filter. Who ever prepped the car had failed to remove the shrink wrap from the cabin filter. He said that was the third one this week. He said kia just started shrink wrapping cabin filters in new cars to prevent mold while the cars were on the lot. He removed those two backets like you pictured. They just snapped off.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts