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Hi all,

Just brought a 2001 auto sportage, gave it a good check over and all seems to be good, even the fuel tank is solid (ish:) read the forums to get some ideas!

I am about to do a service, sparks, leads, oil and coolent
But was wondering if there is anything else that i should carry as a spares to ensure reliability, im thinking along the lines of relays etc.

Which relays would be worth carrying and is there anything else i should be doing?

Spending monday undersealing and cleaning up the earths.

Many thanks


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You really shouldn't need to carry any extra relays (Main or Fuel Pump) unless you are intending to travel / use the Sporty in a remote area without access to any auto stores, etc..

*re: tune-up : also consider changing the fuel filter if original / unknown condition..

relay check: key on / engine off:
relay check: (2nd test) - key on / engine on:

after cleaning the earths, check voltage at the battery, pos. battery to motor ground, pos. cabin fuse box to frame ground, with both tests, all readings should be within .5-.7 volt of direct battery voltage..

If not, consider changing out the Main and Fuel Pump relays.

re: cleaning & sealing earths - I would also check & clean the fuel pump ground ring, located under the cargo carpet access flap (tilt rear seat forward) - poor grounding to the fuel pump can/will contribute to early fuel pump failure..

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