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First Gen Rio Cf Or Fiberglass Hood

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I don't know how many, if any, threads similar to this have been posted here, or how many of you use, but I have a solid source for getting CF parts made. For now, I'm trying to get a Carbon Fiber or fiberglass hood made for us first gen rio owners for less than $500 plus shipping. well I don't know the price yet for sure, but should know if a day or two. cost will obviously be a little different for either material...

First of all there needs to be probably more than a dozen people willing to put down deposits to get this done. I think as of right now, there are three or four, I'd have to check. but don't worry about that now. I know this can be done because there is more than one option for hood. The mold for the hood, or anything, is the same for CF or fiberglass. So if you want either please let me know here, pm, email, it doesn't really matter.

So to recap:
--01-02 rio oem hood
--More than a dozen with deposits to get it done
--Can be for Carbon Fiber or Fiberglass, uses the same mold
--Price will most likely be less than $500 plus shipping
--Grill, no grill, not exactly sure
--Guinea pig car in L.A. area eventually which is probably already taken care of

Thanks for reading this, and I really hope to hear from lots of you that are willing to buy one. I'll be looking here and at SK to get people. if you do use SK, you'll know that one hood would have been made for $650 plus $100 for shipping. I should have final prices and deposit price soon so I can share that with you all.

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rallystripkia99 from sk here. theres a couple of others also.

ya i sent hm here to see how many are looking that arnt on SK
Are there any rio owners here interested in this that aren't usuals at SK?
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