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Sedona 2.9 crdi LE
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My father took delivey of his new Sportage today. :banana: He's always been a petrol and manual stick shift bloke but he's decided as he is not getting any younger to go for an Auto and the 2.0 crdi... -_-

So he decided to come round and show it off and even parted with the keys long enough to allow me to take it on a short spin. Its had less than 100 miles on the clock and feels very tight but compared to my Sedona it feels very refined. The engine pulls well and is very smooth through the gears, makes my Sedona feel like a tractor.... So its a thumbs up from me and its a fantastic improvment on his old sportage. Well done KIA. :trophy: :beer: :trophy:

Might be an option to think about when it comes the time to change the Sedona

Its amazing how many Hyundai badges I spotted under the bonnet... ;) and yes I know they are the same group of company's.

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