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I have a Kia Cee'd 2007 mod diesel. I ran out of gas, thinking I had half tank left. The fuel gauge indicator over the radio and In the dash both showed half tank but the readings was wrong and I ran out of gass. I replaced the sending unit and tested that this is working properly before Installing It. The sending unit show between 5 - 205 ohms when I test the gauge. The gauge reader is correct from full tank to around half tank, but after half tank It just stops to go further down. I disconnected the cable to the sending unit and pump and the gauge indicator went to zero as It should when It reads infinity resistence.

Is there any way to calibrate what the car computer think Is full and empty fuel? I have Launch x431 diagnostic tool.

Any suggestions to why the gauge reader stop to read further down after It hits half full?

Thanks :)
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